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Accessories for Glass Fencing

Core Drill or Deck mounted Spigots

The strongest and rust resistant spigots are 2205 duplex grade spigots. These spigots are much stronger compared to any other material such as 304, 316, 316L grades or Aluminum alloy. Also you need to see if these spigots are designed properly such as when you core drill it should have threaded base with holes so that when you pour non shrinkable grout then it holds much better than a plain cheap spigots. If you are using spigots on dirt it is highly recommended you should pour concrete pad with at least 30 MPa concrete so that when it dries up it will be very strong compared to normal concrete. You can add our non shrinkable grout in your normal concrete bags to strengthen it. Our spigots are friction based so no holes required in the glass. In case your glass is broken you can easily change the glass without much measurements otherwise holes have to be very accurate if the spigots are designed with holes. Holes in the glass makes it at least 30% weaker than the normal glass so that means more chances of getting glass broken. Choose your spigots accurately and get advice from us the best suited spigots for your application.

We have created too many DIY people to save your money. We will show you how to install and what materials should be used for glass fence installation. We guarantee your satisfaction with us. We do not just sell but we control the quality of materials and the quality of glass. We are working 24 hours 7 days a week if you are interested in talking to us please give us a call and find out yourself about our services

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