How to Choose the right Pool Fence Installer.

Installed Pool Fence

How to choose the right Pool Fence Installer

There is no swimming pool in Australia that does not require pool fence. By law every house with swimming pool requires pool fence by Australian law and must be approved as per Australian rules AS 1926.1 – 2012 latest edition rules. Pool Fence protects your kids or even outside kids jumping in your backyard therefore no kids should be allowed to have access to pool area without adult supervision. Here’s what you need to know about installing pool fencing that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Flat top Black pool fence
Flat top Black pool fence

Pool Fence types.


Some of most popular materials used to build pool fence are:

Tubular steel fence



Pool fencing can be made of any materials as specified above so long as the pool fence conforms to Australian Standards 1926.1 edition 2012 latest standard. When you choose pool fence installer you need to ask the installer if he is using certified pool fence and is made of Aluminum but not steel. Steel fence is not recommended to use for pool fence areas as this is a very corrosive area due to salt water and therefore steel fence is bound to rust. Australian standard do not limit the style or colours you can choose from.

Pool Fencing Requirements and Regulations

Pools were becoming alarming situations as the number of kids were getting drowned in the pool therefore a legislation was passed in 1994 in regards to pool fence around the pool. This became utmost important to have Pool fencing fence around pool so as kids cannot have access to pool and of the ease with which they could gain unsupervised access. However you must read complete Australian standards to get complete idea of pool fence installation. This regulations apply to all pools are deeper than 300mm, including inflatable and portable pools. Some of the basic regulations include:

Pool Fence and gates height must be at least 1.2m as measured from finished ground level outside of the pool enclosure to the top of the rail of fence.

Any gaps between the bottom or side of the wall and fence must not be greater than 100mm.

The gap between the 2 tubes should be at least 70mm in case of Aluminum fence, Steel fence can have 82mm at least.

Gates can only open outward and must have self-closing hinges and latch automatically.

The gate latch must be at least 1.5m above the ground if it is located on the outside of the gate or 1.2m if located inside the gate.

However there are other rules apply as well therefore you need to read Australian Standard including no-climb areas to protect against climbing over the fence using plants or fixtures near the fence as footholds.

Installing Pool Fencing

Always ring around when you decide to install pool fence. Get 3-4 quotes from different companies. I recommend that if you want to save money then go and buy some tools and install fence yourself. I have written down everything in one of my blog how to install pool fence. If you have any question come and talk to me or ring me so that I can explain to you in detail how to install pool fence. I have created many DIY people and some have started working for me as they have learnt from me. However you decide to get it installed make sure the company you get quotes from should be a licensed installer and thoroughly versed in all regulations for pool fencing. Obviously you need to get written quotes with sketch/layout of the pool fence clearly marked on their quotes and quote should include labour, materials and warranty information. Usually it is a good idea if you ask the company how many people will be installing the job as it is always a good idea if there are 2 people installing the job as the quality of job comes out good and secondly the job will be finished quicker than by one man. Usually it takes 2 days to finish the job to have the fence done properly. First day install all the posts and second day install all the fence panels. You need to give cure time for the concreted posts.

Make sure after the fence is installed, it will have to be registered and get inspected through private certifier or with the council.

How Much Does Pool Fencing Cost?

Pool fencing is usually priced based on per linear meter. Cheapest pool fence is Steel (Which we do not recommend at all). The material cost for this kind of fence is usually $40.00 per meter. Aluminium fence is the most suited and cheapest fence out of all metal fence and will usually cost you around $50.00 per linear meter including one gate. Stainless steel and glass panels are the most expensive materials. The material will cost you for glass fencing up to $190.00 per linear meter. However these prices are approximate and can vary depending upon the supplier you choose. Please call Auto Gates and Fencing and talk to us. We are located at 29/195 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills NSW 2147 NSW or you can call me on 0412 063 259. We will guide you the best suited solutions for your pool fence. We can also install jobs for you and we go anywhere in Sydney area and surrounding areas.

Pool Fencing of various styles
Pool Fencing of various styles

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