How to install Glass Pool Fence

How to Install Glass pool fence


Sample Glass Panel Model (2)_001

     How to Install Glass Pool Fencing 

  1. Carefully mark the glass fence line with the string line on the floor and also the position of the gate should be determined before you purchase the glass.
  2. Calculate number of glass panels required keeping reasonably gap between the 2 glass around 20 to 50 mm. The gap can be increased up to but no more than 100mm.
  3. Check the glass meets the Australian Standards and should have stamp on the bottom of the glass.
  4. Now each glass will have 2 spigots up to 1.5m glass and anything over 1.6m glass should have 3 spigots attached to the glass.
  5. Each spigot should be clamped on to glass at 25% of total length from either end and if 3 spigots then it should be 20% on either end and one in the middle.
  6. Mark the position of the holes for core drilling very precisely in a straight line. After marking use 65dia core drill bit and core drill all the holes from 100mm to 125mm deep and keep the holes dry ready to install the fence panels.
  7. Put glass on top of trestles and put the spigots on to the glass, tighten it and  drop the spigots with the glass into the hole keeping a desired spacer underneath the glass. Hold the glass in level position by bracing with the timber and pour grout in it. Remember buy a proper grout for this job, not the one Bunnings sell. Come to us we will show what is a proper grout for doing glass job. After about 15 mins the grout will go hard after pouring in the holes
  8. Grout should be a free running paste solution and should be easily poured into the holes with funnel or cut one coke bottle from the bottom and keep the mouth.
  9. We suggest you should go to the other end of the glass fence panel and install it similarly you have installed the first panel.
  10. After both the glass panels are hard and dry you should run a string line very tight on top of the glass to see the straight line of glass pool fence.
  11. Now install all the fixed panels and including the hinge panel as well keeping a recommended gap for the gate.
  12. Depending upon the type of hinges you are using whether Hydraulic hinges or spring loaded hinges the gap in between the 2 panels will change. You need to make sure the 2 panels beside the gate are 100% level and the gap is right.
  13. Now install the hinges first to the gate and mount straight on to the hinge panel.
  14. Install your latch as per the instructions attached by the manufacturer
  15. Remember the gate has to be open outside the pool area.
  16. No objects should be near the pool area so kids can climb and jump into the pool.
  17. There should be proper instructions attached near the pool area as safety instructions.
  18. Clean the glass at the end of the job and Enjoy your view.

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