What is Automatic Sliding Gate

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What is automatic sliding gates?

Automatic Gates are the most popular in developed countries. 90% people prefer getting them installed in their home or business premises. Auto Gates and Fencing would like to share with you some of the advantages of having automatic sliding or swinging gates. Here are some of the main descriptions for the automatic gates that will help you to choose the selection between sliding gate and swinging gates. First of all you should know how many types of gates are available. We will discuss here only sliding gate option and rest we will discuss in other blogs.

Sliding gate:

These gates are nothing but just gate with 2 wheels attached to the bottom of the gate and held on the top of the gate with guide wheels so it does not fall either side. The gate with wheel is set on top of steel track either bolted on top of the concrete or set into the concrete. So this frame/gate travels forward and backward either manually or with the help of gate motor. We will talk about various other options how to choose gate motor or how to choose automatic sliding gates in my other blogs. This sliding gate you can only install if you have room to slide open fully. It does not matter if your driveway is sloping from left to right or left to right or going up or down. The sliding gates can be made to suit whatever the driveway conditions are. However sliding gates cannot be installed if there is no space to open the sliding gate. This will give you improved security as gate motor can lock the gate in close position. This is probably the number one reason as to why people start to look into the idea of installing automatic gates. Most criminals are opportunistic. They will only act if something is going to be easy to get into but sliding gates can lock the gate in all ways and it’s not easy to unlock it. You can operate automatic gates from a distance that the remotes are set to work usually 30m but there are systems that can work from as far as 200m as well. But this is the end of it, with advanced technology now a days we can open and close gates with your mobile phone which means even if you are sitting in a different country you still have the control of your gate.

Automatic sliding gate are used mainly for comfort that even if it’s pouring there is no need for you to come out of the car to open it manually. You can simply press the remote and the gate will open or close behind you. Sliding gates require least maintenance and the motors are designed to work for minimum 10 years of course if it’s a good quality gate motor. We will talk about gate motor selection later in out other Blogs.

The price of automatic gate installation has come down drastically over the past few years. Most people prefer to install an automatic gates because many home insurance providers see them has a fantastic way of keeping the house secure. Your house insurance premium will drop due to automatic gate. Over the life of the automatic gate the cost savings on insurance will be more than worth the extra outlay at the start.

Usually it is our experience that installed automatic gates have found that the value of their property has increased much more than what the gates were actually worth. This is because automatic gates are seen as an ‘advanced technology and keeping intruders away from your property.

Today the popularity of automatic gates has meant that there is choicer than ever before. Auto gates and Fencing has wide experience in this field and can design any gates for your property within the budget you have. Never choose backyard people for these kind of work as they pretend to know everything but our experience shows that they eventually end up doing poor installations that means more problems so eventually you end up paying more than the initial cost quoted by an experienced company like Auto Gates and Fencing. Auto Gates and Fencing is guaranteed to save you money on your automation system.

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