Why Choose Aluminium fence over steel fence

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Why Choose Aluminium Pool Fencing over Steel Fencing?

Aluminium pool fencing is one of the most popular and cheapest options out there today and for good reason. There are too many reasons why Aluminium fence is better than any other type of fence. Some of the reasons that Auto Gates and Fencing wants to share with everyone who wants to have pool fence in their backyards with absolutely elegant view. Here’s what you need to know.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

One of the biggest advantage of aluminium pool fencing is that it is lightweight and very easy to install. That means it is easy for people those who want to handle DIY project. This fence can be installed by even one person with just screw machine and grinder and some other handyman tools. We highly recommend if you want to save money then do it yourself otherwise you will be paying enormous labour part of the contractor.

Anti-rust material

One thing you need to understand that Aluminium never rust if treated properly before powder coating that means this pool fence will long last you virtually forever. You never ever have to change your pool fence again even in the harsh salty weather environment whereas if you choose to buy steel fence it is guaranteed bound to rust in 6 months’ time since the type of steel pool fence used is so called galvanized but it is just pre-galvanised and just painted over. This mean you need to change the pool fence again after 6 months. So don’t waste your money on steel fencing in salty water pools. You want from your pool fencing is for it to be both long lasting and durable. Aluminum pool fencing is unaffected by weather and they will not rust, or corrode. Very important in a pool area it’ll stand up to moisture very well, and the powder coating means that the water will never reach the internals. Because of its durability and resistance to salt water and chlorine water, it is also very low maintenance. Just wash your fence every 3 months with clean water and clean cloth and your fence will look 100% brand new and all the warranties will be maintained as required by the Dulux or any other powder coating companies. Just check the operation of the gate before the start of every swimming season just to make sure your pool fence is safe and sound.

Beauty of Pool Fence

There is a huge range of colours that you can choose from. However Black and Primrose colours are the most popular colours and are easily available from any wholesale companies like Auto Gates and Fencing. Depending upon your choice you can choose different styles of pool fence designs to suit your house. You can use a combination of aluminium and glass to create a very stunning view of your pool area and it is not expensive.

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