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Importance Of Installing Iron Gates To Your Property




It is always good to choose the well crafted iron gates than simply buying a gate which serves no purpose. It not only creates a lasting impression but also protects the property in a right manner. There are so many benefits of installing it that once you purchase, you will realize that it is value for money. If you are planning to soon buy this option but confused if it is better than the plastic gate, then certainly you need to go understand the benefits associated to it.

Know More About Iron Gates:

As compared to traditional gates, Iron gates are quite stronger and last long. It doesn’t require much maintenance but it requires professional installation. It is not only decorative and looks elegant but also comes with durable quality as compared to other gate materials. It can withstand in all weather and is available mostly in dark colors like Black. It serves the purpose of security along with looks and that is the main reason why it is currently more in demand. Generally such type of gate is made from the wrought iron which is a metal that is heated well enough so that it can be shaped in anyways be it curves or straight.

Benefits Of Iron Gates:                                      

Such type of gate is made from a tough metal due to which as compared to plastic or wooden gates it last longer and does not need any maintenance. It is specially designed to work efficiently in all seasons. You don’t really have to clean it every day as it does not attract dust and dirt particle so easily. You can lock it, add a security code to it and also attach the spears so that it can work more efficiently and effectively. You don’t even have to color it or treat it with paints frequently. If budget is the concern then do not worry because it is available in wide range of price that offers simple designs till the heavy ornate styles.

Such gates come with a tough material and can easily be casted or molded. So if you wish to increase the value of the property at the same time want to secure your house with something reliable then you should definitely install iron gates.

There is no doubt that as compared to other types of fencing and gates, Iron Gate is quite costly but it is equally true that it is worth the value of investment that you make. There are so many Sydney upper north shore and Sydney lower north shore people using it and it seems that the trend over the next few years will soon increase. So be a lucky customer and buy it before the price goes up further. In case, you are purchasing it for the first time, then you are advised to make a good research, compare different companies and then come up on a conclusion on which could be the best option that would eventually fit in your budget and serves the desired purpose.


Understand The Purpose Of Using Automatic Gates




These days there are so many different types of security gates that have come up. If you are planning to install one for your house then this time you should definitely try automatic gates. It is time saving and gives a complete access to control the area that needs to be secured. Usually such types of gates are used for controlling the access to entrance for some big event. It is also used in the malls or some commercial property to control the vehicular access. Such types of gates are installed in the interior and exterior of the property.

Know The Working Of An Automatic Gate

Such type of gate works on two important elements and those are the gate and the gate operator. The gate is an object which is moved backward and forward to block the opening of the area. It can be of any material, but the most common one which is used is chain link or ornamental iron. The other essential component which is the gate operator is machinery which moves the entire gate in and out. This operator is usually powered with electricity. In some gates you will notice that they are operated by a chain or have a gear installed.

Know The Types Of Automatic Gates

Such type of gate is categorized into six different types called bi-folding gate, slide gate, cantilever gate, vertical lift gate, barrier arm gate, and vertical pivot lift gate. Every gate has its own unique feature which will be told to you once you seek for the professional help for installation. Remember as compared to manual gates, such type of gates offers better security and locking system. Whether it is heavy rain because of which you are not able to close the gate or you are already late for dinner and now don’t have time to close the gate, you don’t have to worry as automatic gates will do their job. The best part is once it gets close, it locks itself so that you don’t have to

Such type of gates is either available in swing pattern or slide pattern. To decide the pattern, you will have to understand the layout of your property and then come up with your choice. Side hinged gates are good for the slopes that have drive way upwards into your house. You can also have the slide gate as it is space saving and is available in steel and timber pattern.

If you are planning to install such type of gates on your property, make sure you do a good research and also choose the right company that offer such services. So far the reviews made by the Sydney upper north shore and Sydney lower north shore people for using such type of gates are positive rather highly recommended. So if you are planning to install any kind of gate, you can certainly think of automatic gate option. Though it is quite expensive as compared to other modern and traditional gates, but it is certainly value for money.


Metal Gates to show New Way of Security

Metal Gates

If you are planning to renovate your house in the upcoming year, here is a good and innovative idea for you. Why don’t you transform your existing wooden gate into metallic one? Unlike the wooden gates where the woods keep on expanding in the rainy season, metal gates can help you to get rid of this problem. These gates also include driveway and fencing facility on the basis of your requirements. These gates can prevent your property to be trespassed and can also provide you high security system that reduces your scare of theft and entry of unwanted persons.

Quality and Service of the Gates are Proven

In the month of November this year, a metal gate was erected replacing a wooden one, in order to protect the residents of Maryport’s Well Lane in UK from anti-social behavior. Also, residents from Sydney upper north shore and Sydney lower north shore has reported that they are very much satisfied with the use of these  metalgates. Such instances clearly mark the prosperity that these gates have bought to the security system. Manufacturers from all over the world look after the satisfaction of the customers and they also provide the best solutions for their problems.

High Quality Products are Used to Serve the Purpose

The metal gates are made from the wide range of metals starting from aluminum, wrought iron, stainless steel, good quality iron and others. These gates come along with auto lock system that is made on the basis of need of the users. In some instances, these are also made digital so that one can insert passwords while unlocking the gate. The raw materials that are used for making these gates are procured from renowned and famous suppliers who make these affordable, durable and also water resistant and rust free. Providers make sure and they made their products ready to pass any test demanded by the customers.

Metal Gates to be Used For All Purposes

The metal gates thus manufactured can be used not only for residential purposes, but also for the commercial use. You can use such gates for your office, farming lands, hotels, resorts, industries and others. They provide more protection than any other gates. They also come with obstacle detectors that help to clean its path automatically. The metal gates are also provided with battery backup system that can be used even during power cuts. The gates can be lofted In both vertical and horizontally. You can customize your gate from the manufacturer by choosing your favorite color, design and shape. Sometimes, metal gates are also used for fencing the farmlands and resisting water to cross the boundary.

Thus, it can be said that the metal gates are here to add to your security and comfort. These can be both automatic and manual. All you need to do is to choose the proper manufacturer for this purpose who can satisfy your needs. Reducing your tension from theft and robbery and entry of unwanted persons who can harm your property.

Put Luxury in Front of Your House, Install Metal Driveway Gates

metal driveway gate

If you’re searching for metal driveway gates in Sydney upper north shore and Sydney lower north shore, then consider a renowned company who offers beautiful and custom entrance gate.You can find original design and fabrication to installation, and varieties of control options, services, and maintenance. You will find easy to control the gate including customize options; if you have a sketch of your own kind of metal driveway gate. It’s more than just beautiful and aesthetic design, it provides security and safety to your valuable property as well.

Improve the Property Value

If you didn’t know beautifully designed security gates with protection and safety makes your property more valuable. A custom metal driveway gate with matching style of your house will greatly improve the beauty of your home and attract more people. As the value increases by your design, it also improves protection level of your home.

Avoid Unwanted Guests

This gate doesn’t only prevent thieves from entering your house, it makes sure that animals and unwanted solicitors won’t come inside of your property. With this amount of security, the solicitors won’t reach the doorbell of your house to sell random products and the neighborhood pets won’t go inside your property. Also, this helps to protect your garden from being eaten by animals and you can feel safe inside your house.

Safe and Secure

As you already know, it provides more security than other gates so you can feel relaxed about your property while you’re traveling abroad. If your house is easier to access, then a doubt will always run inside your mind and you’ll end up stressed or you can’t just feel the vacation. This extra line of security will make sure that thieves will leave your valuable property and never think of stealing anything.

Protection of Children and Pets

These gates protect your house from any invasion, like your children or your pets from getting exposed to some strangers or any stray animals which can cause harm to them.Your kids and pets can play without any concern about running on the street or getting harmed by any animals. With this, you’ll get peace in your mind after knowing that your kids are safe in the yard.

Convenience While Entering and Exiting

Automatic metal driveway gates provide the convenience of waiting inside your car while you enter and exit your home.This feature adds more benefit, let me give you an example, you’re had a long journey while coming back to home and thinking about entering your home and rush to your room because you’re tired and sleepy. Then it rains, you’re not supposed to come out of your car and open the gate, it takes a lot of time. Installing the automatic function will save you from getting drenched and you can easily control by remotes. Also, it includes a high-end system to avoid entering solicitors and make it easy for your family and friends to visit your house. Many people from Sydney upper north shore and Sydney lower north shore have installed these beautiful and secure gates, if you haven’t done already, start sketching your ideas now.

Different Types of Fence Panels You Need to Know if You Love Your House

fence pannels

If you like fences and confused between which fence panels to install around your home, you’re on the right path now. First let me tell you, the kind of fence you decide to install will not be only the design of exterior but it will also provide the best benefits of your home; privacy and security. Security and privacy are the most important things of a home, people from Sydney upper north shore and Sydney lower north shore are mostly believed in a professionally installed fence panels to fulfill the true desire for thehouses. Also, fencing adds a great taste of your humor, whether it is wrought iron or chain link.Here are 4beautifulfence panels for your house –

Aluminum Fencing

The simple, basic, and attractive fence panels that you can ever get. However, it doesn’t provide much amount of security that every homeowner wants in a fence. But, it’s a maintenance free and looks simple than other types of fences. The only maintenance you need to do while installing the fences and decorating them with colors. Along with security, it’s not as strong as you think so if you’re living with severe weather, then you should avoid it.

PVC Fence Panels

If you’re searching for a budget fence panel, there you are.Fence panels made with PVC is the cheapest way to fencing your yard, also they can serve the purpose. The fences replace wooden pickets and stakes, but it has the stability. Also, cut down materials are less costly than wood. PVC stakes are fixed with an adhesive and screws to make a panel around your yard. It comes with different colors and heights, also its durable and can last for many years.

Wood Fencing

The popular fence panels around the globe, wood fencing doesn’t only give a sense of privacy by its height but this is also the most attractive fence in the market. It provides a warm welcome and relaxed feeling to the homeowners without a headache or any negative emotions. Well, the size and the height of your fence panels will greatly impact on the price, the price will increase relatively with the lumbers. Also, it will take a while to install the fences, and the smaller fences are clearly the cheaper than the large fences. The great benefit of wood fencing is that it will last for a lifetime, easily.You need to choose the wood carefully before you go for wood fencing.

Wrought Iron Fencing

The funky designs, often get chosen by the homeowners, the wrought iron fencing is beautiful and strong. With attractive designs and great security, it gives a luxury feeling to your house. The maintenance of wrought iron fence panel is quite affordable;it needs to be sanded and repainted after 3years or more depending on the fences.

People from Sydney upper north shore and Sydney lower north shore are quite liking these fences for its power of security, you can also go for it or any of the above to greatly improve the exterior design of your house and security.

Add Value To Your Property By Installing Wrought Iron Gates Today


iron Gtes

In case you are thinking of transforming the main gate of your building or property, you must consider wrought iron gates as these happen to be one of the best choices anyone can ever make. It is that fencing option that is extremely durable. Also, when it comes to strength, it can never be compared to any other product. In case you are looking for high length gates, these are the best ones as these function as a restriction for all probable intruders. It also adds to the worth of any property as the gates look super stylish and chic. Get it from some of the top companies such as Auto Gates and Fencing. The beautiful finish of the gates makes these products look like a form of art.

Unmatched quality can be expected

When it comes to the reputed company as mentioned above, the only two things that define them are superior quality and strength. In the context of architectural metalwork, this leading provider happens to be the best n the market in the current times. To obtain Excellency in the various designs of the wrought iron gates, companies like these engage the finest metalwork designers. These may involve blacksmiths, designers and architects. Te metalwork presented by them closely resembles to the original ironworks that were created by blacksmiths long ago along with the utilization of traditional techniques.

Importance of reviews nowadays

While the installation of wrought iron gates, you must make to select the best provider. To know who the best is, it is quite sensible to depend on the reviews. Auto Gates and Fencing is one such provider that has received the best reviews on its website. Customers from Sydney lower north shore and Sydney upper north shore are very much impressed by the products they have been able to purchase from them. Also, the team is very experienced who will come to your house for the installation process. Extremely friendly, you can clear all your doubts while you install one Iron Gate for knowing that you have made a sound decision.

Personalised touch does matter

When you choose a specialist fabricator for your new wrought iron gate, you have the liberty of adding some personalised touch. It can be a particular patter or design and you can now even make the best statements and impress your guests by installing the finest iron gates. Curves and scrolls can also be added on the gates that will reflect your exact taste. Making it personal is very much easier these days along with the assistance of leading providers as mentioned above. The iron gates that are found in this era are also low maintenance that makes it even easier for couples who work outside every day.

The good news is that to increase resale worth of your abode, you can even install these gates. The aesthetic charm will surely grab the attention of the best buyers when you out the house on sale. No sunshine or rain can damage these products.


Aesthetically Pleasing Privacy Fences Are The New Favorites Of Most Homeowners


Privacy Gates

The building of a new home does not only include the interiors but includes the outdoors as well. Especially when it comes to the garden, every homeowner becomes extra cautious as they always wish for a beautiful landscape at the back of their yard. But sometimes this dream remains a dream as the garden might get blemished by some birds or pests who tend to feed on the plants and fruits you grow in the garden. Stop such situation from arising that might also break your heart by taking help from few of the top companies that will provide you with products like long lasting privacy fences. Never heard of it? Take help from the Internet to know more about this highly useful product.

Installation of a privacy fence

It is important that the privacy fence that you are aiming to install fits the scenery at your backyard completely otherwise it might look as a misfit. The first determination must be how high the fence should be.

  • You must have a helper with you walk round the enclosure with a screen that has been cut as per the height of your fence.
  • Having an understanding of the building codes and local ordinances before the fixing of the fence is important. For instance, the codes for the residents of Sydney upper north shore might be completely different from those living in Sydney upper north shore.
  • Never take risks by making assumptions about your property line. Tearing down your fence will be costly if you have to move it from another person’s property. Best is to visit city hall for purchasing a photocopy of the plot plan of your backyard. You can even appoint a metal detector who will show you the correct position of the property stakes.

Summing up the benefits

When it comes to the enclosure of your very own property, you might find it very useful to get hold of the merits of installing a privacy fence. Starting from the functioning of a fence as a windbreaker for the prevention of any damage to the plants to the property, you can obtain huge mind peace after purchasing such products. It can also provide shade but it largely depends on the location of your abode and the fence. Also privacy fences are available in various styles with which you can think of putting up some additional decoration to your already beautiful landscape.

Looking at the maintenance part

The best part about installing a privacy fence lies in the fact that these products require extremely low maintenance. In case your fence is unfinished, simply put few varnish coats for safeguarding it. Use water, soap and a cloth for cleaning the surface debris. If you find any rust spots, you can simply eradicate it with sandpaper. The insecticides that you use in your home can be utilized for taking care of insect infestations. Low maintenance, stylish look and protection from intruders are the three main benefits of the installation of these highly dependable products.

Garden Fencing Proves to Be Stylish As Well As Practical



Almost every house in the current times includes a backyard that is aesthetically pleasant as well as carries many practical benefits. Along with the benefits, you must also remember to put an enclosure around the yard for preventing deer and pests from eating all vegetables and fruits. In order to solve such problems without any hassle, what you can do is take the help of a garden fence that looks stylish as well as protects your garden from outer elements. Choosing the correct outdoor fencing is important as it reflects your own individual personality as well. Low maintenance fences are accessible these days that serves the purpose and also ensures complete mind peace.

Great privacy ensured

In case you are residing in Sydney lower north shore or Sydney upper north shore, you are sure to come across great garden fencing products from some of the top companies. The wide range that they can offer you will ensure you complete seclusion to you and your family. The extensive selection includes batten, louver as well as steel fencing panels. The products are priced in a way that it suits every pouch. Louver fence will ensure you privacy simultaneously it works as an alluring backdrop for bedding plants and borders. In order to bring some style, areas of your garden can be concealed with slat screen fencing.

Looking at the varieties found

In case you are perplexed about which garden fencing product to choose from, you can always get your answers over the Internet. There are websites that display the products in the galleries. For instance, if you are looking for a backdrop for your lovely plants as well as wanting seclusion, you can go with the forest lap panel fence that has a timber finish and is a perfect example of a sturdy fence. If you have ivy or other climbing plants growing in your backyard, then you must choose trellis that excellently screens areas in your beautiful garden. However, you can go through the fence buying guide for selecting the right product. Lap, lattice, close board, screens and pickets are some of the panels that are currently available in the market.

Perspective of an artist

The garden yard is utilized by many homeowners for bringing out the artist in them by growing many plants and engaging into serious gardening. However, when you are outing your heart out for doing something you love, you would never want your garden to be uprooted or spoiled by pests and animals like dogs and cats. Safeguard your garden with a fence that is made of vinyl or wood or metal for giving a rustic or a modern look to your abode. Now enjoy the vegetables and the tasty fruits that you have grown by putting so much of hard labor along with your family by putting a fence at your back yard. Look at the types, study the varieties, choose a trustworthy supplier and then only buy the fences with full confidence. Select high quality products that require low maintenance as well as are long lasting. Talk to our experts for best advice.

How to Choose the right Pool Fence Installer.

How to choose the right Pool Fence Installer

There is no swimming pool in Australia that does not require pool fence. By law every house with swimming pool requires pool fence by Australian law and must be approved as per Australian rules AS 1926.1 – 2012 latest edition rules. Pool Fence protects your kids or even outside kids jumping in your backyard therefore no kids should be allowed to have access to pool area without adult supervision. Here’s what you need to know about installing pool fencing that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Flat top Black pool fence
Flat top Black pool fence

Pool Fence types.


Some of most popular materials used to build pool fence are:

Tubular steel fence



Pool fencing can be made of any materials as specified above so long as the pool fence conforms to Australian Standards 1926.1 edition 2012 latest standard. When you choose pool fence installer you need to ask the installer if he is using certified pool fence and is made of Aluminum but not steel. Steel fence is not recommended to use for pool fence areas as this is a very corrosive area due to salt water and therefore steel fence is bound to rust. Australian standard do not limit the style or colours you can choose from.

Pool Fencing Requirements and Regulations

Pools were becoming alarming situations as the number of kids were getting drowned in the pool therefore a legislation was passed in 1994 in regards to pool fence around the pool. This became utmost important to have Pool fencing fence around pool so as kids cannot have access to pool and of the ease with which they could gain unsupervised access. However you must read complete Australian standards to get complete idea of pool fence installation. This regulations apply to all pools are deeper than 300mm, including inflatable and portable pools. Some of the basic regulations include:

Pool Fence and gates height must be at least 1.2m as measured from finished ground level outside of the pool enclosure to the top of the rail of fence.

Any gaps between the bottom or side of the wall and fence must not be greater than 100mm.

The gap between the 2 tubes should be at least 70mm in case of Aluminum fence, Steel fence can have 82mm at least.

Gates can only open outward and must have self-closing hinges and latch automatically.

The gate latch must be at least 1.5m above the ground if it is located on the outside of the gate or 1.2m if located inside the gate.

However there are other rules apply as well therefore you need to read Australian Standard including no-climb areas to protect against climbing over the fence using plants or fixtures near the fence as footholds.

Installing Pool Fencing

Always ring around when you decide to install pool fence. Get 3-4 quotes from different companies. I recommend that if you want to save money then go and buy some tools and install fence yourself. I have written down everything in one of my blog how to install pool fence. If you have any question come and talk to me or ring me so that I can explain to you in detail how to install pool fence. I have created many DIY people and some have started working for me as they have learnt from me. However you decide to get it installed make sure the company you get quotes from should be a licensed installer and thoroughly versed in all regulations for pool fencing. Obviously you need to get written quotes with sketch/layout of the pool fence clearly marked on their quotes and quote should include labour, materials and warranty information. Usually it is a good idea if you ask the company how many people will be installing the job as it is always a good idea if there are 2 people installing the job as the quality of job comes out good and secondly the job will be finished quicker than by one man. Usually it takes 2 days to finish the job to have the fence done properly. First day install all the posts and second day install all the fence panels. You need to give cure time for the concreted posts.

Make sure after the fence is installed, it will have to be registered and get inspected through private certifier or with the council.

How Much Does Pool Fencing Cost?

Pool fencing is usually priced based on per linear meter. Cheapest pool fence is Steel (Which we do not recommend at all). The material cost for this kind of fence is usually $40.00 per meter. Aluminium fence is the most suited and cheapest fence out of all metal fence and will usually cost you around $50.00 per linear meter including one gate. Stainless steel and glass panels are the most expensive materials. The material will cost you for glass fencing up to $190.00 per linear meter. However these prices are approximate and can vary depending upon the supplier you choose. Please call Auto Gates and Fencing and talk to us. We are located at 29/195 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills NSW 2147 NSW or you can call me on 0412 063 259. We will guide you the best suited solutions for your pool fence. We can also install jobs for you and we go anywhere in Sydney area and surrounding areas.

Pool Fencing of various styles
Pool Fencing of various styles

Frame less Glass Fence Selection and its accessories

Duplux grade stainless steel 2205 grade spigots with 12mm glass fence
Duplux grade stainless steel 2205 grade spigots with 12mm glass fence

Glass pool fence has elegant view and gives no hindrance to the view of your pool. We offer great variety of glass pool fence or glass railing. Now you need to understand why choose glass over STEEL fence. However Aluminium fence is of course cheaper and easy to install compared to glass fence. If cost is the major factor for you then choose Aluminium fence as we keep different styles of pool fence such as double rail pool fence, loop top pool fence, spear top pool fence and many other design. However our glass fence is very popular for a wide variety of reason even though we sell variety of Aluminium pool fence.

Glass Pool Fencing gives you minimum hindrance of your backyard and gives a very pleasant view of your pool and backyard and that is the reason this type of glass railing is used in most shopping centres, Hospitals, Swimming Pools and other community centres. Glass fencing will give you very neat and clean view.

Auto Gates and Fencing specializes in both glass and Aluminium pool fencing. Other than glass and Aluminium fencing we also specialize in many different styles if fencing. The type of glass we supply is 12mm thick, toughened glass and also heat soaked which means it can withstand very high wind loads and your fence will not be affected with very high wind loads or sudden impacts. Toughened glass is quite durable and is able to take quite big loads without any problem

When using glass it is utmost important to use very high quality spigots and right material for other accessories. You must understand why and what type of materials for the glass accessories to be used and the right type of installation of the glass otherwise poor installation and poor accessories used for the glass will affect the durability and strength of the glass fence. Here I am going to talk about some of very common materials to be used while choosing glass fence installation. Auto Gates and Fencing supplies the best material as we don’t believe in supplying any inferior products.


First of all the spigots should be cast spigots and must be 2205 duplex marine grade. Lots of suppliers will try to sell 316L or 316 or 304 Stainless steel grade. They all look the same but the difference between 2205 grade and other materials is its strength and resistance to corrosion and antirust. You don’t want your spigots should start rusting after 2-3 weeks. You want them to look brand new forever and that is where you should choose material 2205 grade. It has more strength and very well composition of materials selected to make these kind of spigots. These spigots are usually used for friction glass that means you don’t need to have holes in the glass to hold the glass whereas the spigots itself will hold the glass by friction.

Glass Fencing with Floor mounted hinges
Glass Fencing with Floor mounted hinges


There are quite few range of hinges are available in the market. Few of them are as listed below:

1) Light duty Spring loaded hinges.

By law you have to have self-closing hinges on pool gates. These hinges are used for the gates with only 8mm thick glass gate and it cannot be more than 850mm gate width size. You should ask for at least 316 grade hinges but not 304 grade hinges. However these hinges are not quite preferred hinges compared to heavy duty hinges as these are the cheapest hinges available in the market.

2) Heavy duty Spring loaded hinges

These hinges are very similar to normal spring loaded hinges but the difference between heavy duty hinges and light duty hinges is these hinges comes with stainless steel plates specially made for these hinges attached to the hinges and can take more load compared to the normal hinges. Remember either type of hinges should have cones on the top of the hinge to avoid any 10mm foothold on the hinges.

3) Hydraulic hinges

There are 2 types are Hydraulic hinges available in the market but we strongly recommend Australian made Polaris Hinges and can take much more load compared to any spring loaded hinges. We recommend 10mm thick glass gate for this instead of 12mm. However regular maintenance is required for your hinges as to wash these hinges regularly and wipe clean them and check for any oil leaks in these hinges. These hinges are expensive but worth installing good stuff in the first place rather than changing every few years like spring loaded hinges. Auto Gates and Fencing offer all types of these hinges depending upon the budget you have.