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Flat top FENCING

Flat Top Pool Fence Panels

Our panels meet 100% Australian Standard to AS 1926.1 2012 which is the latest standard. We not only meet panels only but also gates, posts, latches, Spring loaded self closing Hinges to meet Australian Standard. All our Aluminum panels are 100% Chromate converted that means we guarantee on our powder coating for 7 years. These panels are 6 point weld and tubes are going right through the bottom rail which makes it much stronger panel. Top rail and bottom rail is 38×25 and the verticals are 16 diameter tubes. The gap in between the tubes is 70mm. Total number of tubes for 2400×1200 panel is 27 off tubes.

Flat Top Pool Fence Panel

Most popular flat top pool fence panels are 100% APPROVED AS PER AUSTRALIAN STANDARD AS:1926.1 -2012 LATEST EDITION. Use only D & D Latch and Hinges (AUSTRALIAN MADE). Certificate is becoming very important for you to get when you buy Pool fence. This pool fence panel is made of Aluminium or Steel Black or Primrose. Top and bottom rails are 38×25 with 27 vertical 16 diameter tubes. The gap in between the tubes is 70mm. This fence is 6 point weld and chromate converted before powder coating that means long powder coating life. This fence will give your house a very elegant view and increase the value of your house.

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