Enhance the level of security in the property by positioning security Fencing. These are suitable to be applied in residential, commercial, or industrial sites where high security is demanded. These are highly durable and you can get a custom solution for your security fencing.

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When it comes to choosing the best type of security fencing, we always recommend you focus on the level of protection required in your property. Are you looking for something unbeatable to further reinforce the security of your residential or commercial place? No matter what you seek we can supply a suitable option. Here are some of the popular options that we sell and install.

Chain Link Fencing


  • A chain link fence is a type of woven fence
  • These are usually made from galvanized steel wire.
  • The wire in the chain link fence runs vertically and bents into a zigzag pattern
  • The common chain link fence heights range from 3′, 42″, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′, 10′, to 12′, even though almost any height customization is possible. We specialise in offering a tailored solution to every client.
  • Common mesh gauges are 6, 9, and 11.
  • Chain link fence is available at a lower price and is absolutely easy to install.
  • When it comes to privacy, a chain-link fence may not be an option because of the open weave. However, privacy can be improved by inserting slats into the mesh or installing fence screen fabric on the surface.

Tubular security fencing systems that come with Chain link fencing is a very flexible choice. You can install this to define boundaries, provide security, or outline the sports pitches and courts. You can choose from galvanised or powder-coated options since that will help the fence blend in a little more.

Moreover, if you are looking for particularly high security, you can also opt for installing barbed or razor wire at the top of the chain-link fence. At our place, you will get two specially designed fencing systems with three extension arm choices. These are for providing different levels of security as per your requirement.

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Mesh Panel Fencing

Mesh panel fencing is popular because of its comparatively more attractive appearance. This is typically used to offer medium security. And this type of fencing is considered an attractive perimeter fence that allows people to see both in and out. However, this option never compromises security.

Choose from:

  • Chain Mesh Fencing
  • Dog Mesh Fencing
  • Welded Mesh Fencing
  • Wire Mesh Fencing

Palisade Fencing

This type of security fencing is popular especially among people who are looking for a strong barrier against thieves and vandals. These are constructed from hot and cold rolled steel sections. Palisade fencing is available in ‘D’ or a ‘W’ profile, and the ‘W’ provides the highest security among these two options.

Palisade fencing is considered flexible and comparatively attractive because of the open slots of palisade fencing. Also, there is its extensive range of height, finishes, as well as colours. These options are almost impossible to climb. And you can make palisade fencing even more impenetrable if you add pointed pales to the top of every steel vertical. This is a perfect fencing option for schools.

Key Features

  • Robust steel material
  • Anti-tamper fixings
  • High-security fencing


  • Airports
  • Bus & railways
  • Utility companies
  • Perimeter – Medium/High Security
  • Retail
  • Industrial Units


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